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AI-Based Solution for Micro and Small Businesses

Easy to Manage

Grows and Adapts to Your Business Changes Effortlessly

Tailored Just for You

Customized for Your Unique Business Needs


License Includes Full Implementation and Ongoing Adjustments


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What Our Clients Say

Tumelo Mogane, MS Tutors

“It was super straightforward for me to set up according to my preferences and begin managing and monitoring my data”

Aleksandr, Business Plans Writer

Yulia, Florist

“We used to manage everything with Google Sheets, but with Tabsmy CRM analyzing our work has become so much easier. I can see every team member, and tracking deadlines in the bot is a game changer. Loving the mobile experience in the new version”

“The customer support team of Tabsmy responds quickly to my inquiries and provides professional assistance”

Pavel, Avertising Agency

Leks Vucko, Health Coach

Alex Kulikov

Chief Executive Officer

Certified Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Expert

Michail Dyachkov

Chief Marketing Officer

Member of National Association of Sales Professionals

Ivan Goriaev

Chief Operating Officer

Expert in Sales Analytics with 10+ Years Experience

Why is Tabsmy Better Than a Spreadsheet?

  • No More Format Hassles
  • Fast, Even with Tens of Thousands of Records
  • Protected Settings
    Ensure your formulas and setups are safeguarded from accidental deletions or alterations.
  • Mobile-Friendly
    Access and manage your data conveniently even from your phone.
  • Ready-to-Use Advanced Filters and Reports
    No need for complex setups or manual formula writing.

Why is Tabsmy Better for Your Business?

  • Simple and Scalable: Start with a familiar, spreadsheet-like interface and let your CRM grow with your business, adding integrations and reports as you need them.
  • Made Just for You: Instead of navigating through confusing setups and unnecessary sections that you see in other CRMs, build a CRM that suits your business style, including only what you really need.
  • Quality on a Budget: Enjoy the benefits of a CRM system crafted to your needs, without the hefty price tag that usually comes with customized solutions.
  • Chat with AI, Not a Manual: Forget sifting through complicated manuals for setup. Just have a friendly chat with our AI, and it’ll arrange everything for you, saving you time and avoiding technical hassles.
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