WhatsApp – CRM Integration Plugin

Imagine this: 

You are chatting with a client on WhatsApp, and without any extra effort, your CRM is getting filled with all the important details from your conversation. 

It’s easy, it’s fast, and it feels like magic!


Boost your CRM efficiency with our WhatsApp-CRM Integration Plugin, powered by GPT-4 technology. This tool seamlessly syncs your WhatsApp communications (be it through the Wazzup service or another WhatsApp integration provider) directly into your CRM account, facilitating automatic data entry and real-time conversation tracking with your clients, enhancing your business dynamics with AI efficiency.


Easy Integration

Connect your personal or business WhatsApp account. Integrate with CRM by choosing your CRM and authorising the account.

Real-Time Conversation Tracking

From the moment of connection, the plugin starts tracking your WhatsApp conversations. When a message from a new contact arrives, it creates a new entry in your CRM. As the dialogue progresses, the plugin extracts information to fill in the fields selected during the previous step, updating the CRM data in real time.

Automated CRM Updates

As a result, a deal is created in the CRM with all the necessary order details already filled in. All that remains for the manager is to conduct a quick review and advance it to the appropriate stage, requiring no further input.


The plugin is currently in active development. We invite CRM users to participate as beta testers to collaborate with us, provide feedback on the plugin’s functionality and contribute to the development of this innovative product.

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